Our Story

Our Philosophy

We believe in taking the time to understand who you are and what you want. Our experienced team of Deaf and hearing (CODA) professionals ensure full access to clear communication, which is so important for a positive, successful home-buying process!


From start to end, we are there for you in an experience tailored to fit your needs. From the day you first sit down with us, we listen closely to your needs and wants. We help you develop realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the process. We walk you through the huge piles of paperwork that come with the territory, and we follow up on every little detail. We make as many visits and calls as it takes. We hold hands, offer Kleenex and hugs, climb roofs and crawl through basements, and celebrate with you when you pick up your house keys for the first time.


We are passionate about working within the Signing Community. We always strive to find ways to give back, because we would not be where we are today if not for our close-knit community.

The Team Approach

We assign a team of three experienced, reliable professional real estate agents to every transaction, for the price of one. You’ll never find yourself waiting around for your agent while they work with another client or go on vacation. Our dedication to being there for you 24/7 ensures you’re covered at every crucial moment involved in closing the deal for your dream home. We’ve got your back.

DC Strong for 30+ Years!

The Signing Group family has been in the DC Metro Area since 1984!

We have lived in Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Frederick County, Fairfax County, Arlington County and Washington, DC!

We are #DCStrong & #DCProud!

Hanging out at Great Falls State Park (1989)

Roller skating at the Cherry Blossoms (1993)

Celebrating 4th of July at the National Mall (1994)

Meet The Team

Ann Meehan


Ann always has wise words at the right moments, especially when it comes to buying a home. “A home is the most important place in anybody’s life,” she says. “It is an asset and among the best investments anyone can make. However, buying or selling a home can be stressful.” This is why Ann makes sure she is there every step of the way for her clients, making the process seamless and comfortable for everyone involved.


Ann’s passion for real estate began in 1980, when she bought her first property. She fell in love with the negotiation process and the thrill of making the deal. Over the next 30 years, she witnessed and navigated the many profound changes in the real estate market and is now a seasoned REALTOR® equipped with a wealth of experience. She has served the signing community since 2002, and she and her team, The Signing Group of Real Estate Teams LLC, provides the community with access to real estate in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.


As someone who is Deaf, Ann understands the close-­knit nature of the Deaf community. She values her clients’ trust and practices strict confidentiality for all business transactions, so she can go to bed every night knowing she provided her clients with the best possible service.


Ann is a member of the Maryland Association of Realtors (MAR), National Association of Realtors (NAR), Frederick County Association of Realtors (FCAR), Maryland Association of the Deaf (MDAD), Maryland Deaf Senior Citizens (MDSC), and Frederick Senior Citizens (FSC). Ann lives in Frederick, Maryland, where two of her three daughters are licensed real estate agents.

Jennifer Kalis


Jennifer is licensed in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia and has been working in the industry since 2003.


As Ann’s daughter, Jennifer inevitably grew up reading business and real estate investment books, from which she developed an entrepreneurial spirit. After she saw her mother build a successful career in real estate, Jennifer decided to combine a desire to become an entrepreneur with her knowledge of real estate. When she was 23, Jennifer bought two properties of her own. In 2013, she bought a third property in Capitol Hill, D.C., which she fully gutted and renovated. She has been a landlord since 2006 and enjoys managing another one of her properties on Airbnb.com. It is apparent to anyone who meets Jennifer that she LOVES her career as a REALTOR®!


As the only hearing person in her immediate family, Jennifer has developed strong ties within the Deaf Community. She is very involved in the signing community and treasures her relationships with its members.

Elizabeth Kalis­-McGuire

Licensed Transaction Coordinator

Elizabeth’s interest in real estate started early — she even wrote several research papers on the topic in high school! She dove into the industry in 2002, shortly before she completed her degree in Business Accounting at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf/Rochester Institute of Technology, in 2003. With her background in accounting, she brings significant knowledge and skill to The Signing Group of Real Estate Teams, LLC as our lead Transaction Coordinator.


Elizabeth believes that a home is the greatest asset anyone can acquire. Her experience as an owner of several investment properties across the country enables her to provide superior quality customer service to investors as they make their own purchases.


Elizabeth is happily married and a proud mother of two beautiful children and two Chihuahuas. As a wife and a mother, she understands the importance of a warm, welcoming, and secure home.

Michelle Lapides

Michelle Lapides

Director of Marketing - Unlicensed

Michelle was 12 years old when her mother, Ann, launched her real-estate business. Although Michelle did not formally join The Signing Group of Real Estate Teams, LLC until 2013, she had always found a way to be involved with the family business.


She was the team photographer and helped with booths and events. In high school, Michelle learned to use Microsoft Publisher so she could help design flyers and marketing materials. While attending college in Washington, D.C., Michelle found in herself a love of marketing, built organically by her exposure to the family business. She chose to major in Digital Media and Communications with a focus on marketing.


Since she graduated, Michelle has revamped The Signing Group’s brand and promotes the business on Facebook and Instagram. Her primary focus is on developing and implementing ideas that enhance the client experience that helps The Signing Group, of Real Estate Teams, LLC leave every customer happy, satisfied, and in a great home!


Michelle also owns a marketing consulting company through which she works with other Deaf-owned businesses to promote their brands and support their visions. She passionately believes that social media and the internet offer endless potential for Deaf-owned businesses, and she is proud to be a part of the #deafbusiness movement!

Dogs of The Signing Group

A house is not a home without fur-kids!

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